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Month: July, 2013

Angel Wings


Oscar aged 3 and a Bit




A Small Tale

A small tale


In a Box number 2small

In a Box number 3small

In a Box number 4small

In a Box number 5small

In a Box number 6small

In a Box number 7small

In a Box number 8small

In a Box number 9small

In a Box number 10small

An experiment in exploring the idea of a child`s imagination and the power to suspend belief. A small journey from here to there.

Floating on a Shiny Sea



It`s amazing what we do when we are bored, a mini diorama of the ocean.

Oscar aged three and a bit





My oldest son is 18 he does`nt really let me take many shots of him these days and to be honest he is`nt around alot. This is a rare one of him in Corfu on probably one of the last holidays he may come on with us. The image is dark and hidden and he is turned away. It makes me feel melancholic and sad that my little boy has grown up and is going away to University soon.

summer feetsmall

Oscar aged 3 and a bit


My funny little boy.