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Month: June, 2013

Poppies and Kate 2




In opposition to `Between` which portrayed rising `Kate and Poppies` depicts falling. Kate is engulfed in the poppies as the piece is about the colour red being a metaphor for strength.

Unusual crops, sizes and shapes pull the work away from the comfortable adding a certain awkwardness mirroring the point in adolescence at which you are neither child nor adult.

poppy katesmall


Between 1

Between 2

Between 3

Between 4

This piece of work is entitled `Between`. It is in essence about my daughter`s transition from child to women, the water comes to signify that strange place between. Adolescence can be both a time of wonder and magic but equally despair and crippling self doubt controlled by or tainted by the constraints of peer groups, family and society.  The work is concerned with both the vicissitude and quietus of adolescence as well as the anticipation and joy.

Oscar age 3 and a bit


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